Who are you?

Strip the titles of a wife, mother, what you do for work, whether you're a CEO or just a marketing intern and all your accolades, who are you?

I'm a person who strives to listen and give support because I've struggled a long time ago and I wish someone knew or if they knew, they'd know how to help me. 

I'm a person who tries, who loves a challenge because the Universe gives its strongest warriors the toughest adversaries.

I'm a person who loves, all people, all living things and everything and sees no fault in others. People are. I'm in the camp where every human is good until they're proven otherwise.

I'm a person who sees each individual as a unique, beautiful being. Children, they are the blessings to the world we live in. They did something wrong? They probably were not taught and it's our duty to teach them.

I'm a person who sees the potential in you. Want to climb Everest? I'm your cheerleader. Wanna build a business? I'll see you at the top. I see potential in others. It's hard not to see it. I'll push you once you tell me your greatest desire.

I'm a dreamer. I believe one day not in the far future, I'll be living in my dream home in the forest. With two beautiful children and a loving husband building a community and space to help others achieve their dreams too.

My love, who are you? 

(this post is inspired by (insert link from ig reel I saw))


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