I'm a billionaire

Was feeling a little poor after paying off two big ticket items.

Went grocery shopping with my boyfriend and this is what we saw.

Ahead of us in the queue was an old man. He held a white plastic bag with 2 packets of biscuits inside. He flicked the receipt as he waited in line. He was going to exchange the items. In the basket that he's now placed at the conveyor belt at the cashier was 3 loaves of bread.

The cashier scanned the 3 loaves of bread.

Isn't it 3 for $3.30? I saw the sign there 3 for $3.30.

Cashier lady: No, that's not the sign for that one, the 3 for $3.30 is the small ones.

Is it? But the sign there put 3 for $3.30. Next time you need to place one staff there to tell people which one is 3 for $3.30.

Cashier lady: So you still want the bread?

No, not 3 for $3.30 then never mind, he sighed as he pulled his trolley that was overflown with plastic bags of items which made his home and walked away.


Our grocery items amounted to $36.65. I used a $10 Fairprice voucher I won from somewhere and another $5 voucher I exchanged for clocking steps on the Health Promotion Board app. 

I still had to pay $20 plus. I thought I'll have to pay way lesser. 

But we bought 4 avocados, 2 cartons of milk, 6 tuna cans and a packet of 6 golden kiwis.

And those are for making breakfast and supper whenever we get hungry.

That old man probably thought he got a steal at $3.30 for 3 loaves of bread. 

But now, he may have to go hungry for the next couple of days.

We have everything we need, my boyfriend said. 

It's true. We don't have to go hungry. We don't have to think about what $3.30 can buy us. 

I've never felt wealthier. And to be experiencing good health right now, I'm a billionaire.


  1. Different generations wear different lens

    1. Absolutely. I'm curious to hear your perspectives on this.


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