The future is what determines the present and the present is what determines the past - Dr. Benjamin Hardy


Psychological flexibility - the ability to frame the past so your present benefits from the story you tell yourself.

I'm not good at putting my thoughts into words about what I've learnt (yet) ;)

But today's post is to go check out Ed Mylett's podcast episode with Dr Benjamin Hardy.

If there's one thing you'll listen to for the rest of the year that feels like work...

I know some people hate listening to podcasts.

My partner never finds the time to listen to those I send him. :/

But Listen. To. That. One. 

You can thank me later.

OR come back and share with me how you wish you continue living in your bubble of ignorance.

I 100 percent feel we'll make good friends if you resonate with that episode.

Say hi when you're ready. 

PASTING THE LINK HERE again if you missed it the first time.


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