not every post is a pretty post (one of my drafts unedited)

It's interesting how I had to write something and I tried writing it on Microsoft word yesterday and today and the words don't seem to flow as well until I decided to type it here today and put fbr at the top.

heh. did I pavlov dog myself into this one? 

open draft page on blogger > fbr > write what's on your mind even if the words don't flow > edit later?

it's a good/bad problem, now I know I need to use this space for writing.

today, I truly listened to my body and felt like I could use a nap in the noon and that's what I did.

I got bored so many times today and wanted to default to candy crush on shoppee. I played the game maybe thrice but asked myself what was I running from..

it's so easy to live the default life, so difficult to live a life with meaning and purpose.

so many of us are so used to distracting ourselves - with Netflix, with games, with doing everybody's else's stuff but our own.

because doing our own stuff is hard.

because failing is hard.

because saying you tried something but failed is incredibly difficult.

oh man I don't want to live an easy life. 

I don't want to lie in my deathbed and have nothing to my name.

I want my grandkids to say "I have the coolest grandma!" 

Or not,.. but I want to be able to say "Yes, I did live my life to the fullest." I went on all these adventures!" 

Do it for the plot, do it because it's difficult, do it because you're worth it. That's going to be my new mantra moving forward.

How about you? Are you living an easy or hard life? 

How would you change the life you're currently living? 


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