#13 Coronavirus

What has the coronavirus done for you? 

In the beginning, it brought a lot of fear, panic, sadness and anxiety. 

I remember taking the bus after heading out to buy necessities, after a period of time staying home. Seeing places so empty, like a scene right out a zombie apocalypse. It was really disturbing to see places that used to be bustling with people, empty.

People were scared of people, us afraid of one another and loathing the ones that do not don a mask or removing the mask to sneeze or cough. 

But what has it done for you?

It made me treasure the people around me, the time that I have, or do not have, it got me to think hard about what matters most, be it people or things I did with my time. 

As what Noah Kagan mentioned in the Noah Kagan | OkDork, Don't Do What You Love | The Wolf's Den #78 Youtube video, 

"to enjoy life in any aspects is to enjoy the ride. I have a mantra that I read in the morning, it says, Enjoy the journey, not the destination."

"How the coronavirus has helped me or how it helps everyone, is.. what f*cking matters. because now you can't do all the things you used to do that we took for granted. So you got to think, 

Which people in my life matter? 

What work do I really want to do that matters? 

How do I want to spend my free time?" 

How can we make the best of what we're given?

That's all for today, see you tomorrow!


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