#6 Curiosity

Curiosity got me looking up Brian Grazer because Paul Millerd mentioned (in the Not Overthinking podcast) he took Curious Conversations from him.

From A Career in Curiosity | Brian Grazer | Talks at Google youtube video

Some highlights I'd love going back to: 

"How did you have that kind of healthy sense of entitlement or chutzpah?"
Brian Grazer: "My grandmother helped that a lot." 

From the Merriam-Webster dictionary, 
chutzpah means supreme self-confidence.

Brian Grazer mentioned that though he often got F's and occasional D's in his report card, his grandmother often told him he was special. She told him "You're going to find your way through this. Think big, be big." And he tried to live through those words and integrate them into his sense of self-worth. (link)

Brian Grazer: "It's a very important metric to me, how I feel, energetically, towards somebody. Because you think about it. You feel it, that truth, and then I often just think, how will this end? And if you build that out, and you feel like, I think this will end bad, then you shouldn't start." 

It's interesting how people go back to how they feel about a particular someone or something, that energy, and they know in an instant, whether to proceed or not. 

Have you ever felt that way about something, went ahead with it anyway and found that it ended terribly?

I know I have and perhaps I'll share that in a future entry. 

That's all for today, see you tomorrow!


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