#4 What do you do?

When people are asked what they do, they often tell you about their job without talking about what other things they do in life. Work has taken up so much of our time and our lives that our identities are closely tied to work.  

As mentioned in Ali Abdaal's Reimaging Our Relationship with 'Work' podcast episode with Paul Millerd

"The question “what do you do?” has become such a ubiquitous question that we often feel under pressure to provide a satisfying answer. It can feel uncomfortable when we are unable to define exactly what our occupation is to other people. We often feel the need to justify why we have pursued a particular path because so much of our identities in modern society are tied up with the idea of work. Many people are just workers – the one decision about jobs or careers dictates everything in their life. A better way to ask the “what do you do?” question would be to rephrase this as “how do you spend your time?”"

The next time someone asks me that question, I hope I'll be able to say, I spend my time reading, writing, listening to podcasts, being outdoors and sharing what I love with the community.

How about you? What would you say?


See you tomorrow!


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