Have you tried the KonMari method?

My room is still a mess but I feel so satisfied. The stuff in my drawers got a breath of fresh air before they go back to their locations neatly folded. 

New and old clothes that I kept thinking I'd wear in the future, were donated or put up for sale. 

Items that were hidden at the back of drawers get to come out and show themselves. 

I even found a few items that were meant to be gifts for people. They were stacked and hidden and I wouldn't have remembered them if I didn't pack today. 


I didn't realise how hard it would be to throw stuff away. 

Until I changed my mindset to: Items that hold space meant no space for new stuff. 

Why do I keep things that no longer bring me joy? Perhaps I wanted to remember how much joy they used to bring me. But I was no longer feeling happy looking at them.

Just like things, thought and ideas that no longer serve us need to be thrown away. 

Are there any thoughts that no longer deserve space in your mind?

Share them with me!

/ideas inspired by the KonMari method


Brienne, 15 March 2022, 9.52 p.m.


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