How do you speak to yourself?

Marisa Peer says the language we use to speak with ourselves is very important.

There's a 4% chance of getting into the football club. You gotta think, "I'm in the 4%". 

There's a 20% chance of surviving this complicated surgery. You gotta think "I'm in the 20%" 

[To know more, listen to it here] 

I noticed that my daily writings are basically me speaking to myself.

I typed "You need to learn to do what's best for your body, your health, your career. Make the wise decisions. Treat yourself as your best friend. Write what you're working on. What did you learn today?"

Yesterday, I learnt that I value writing. I wrote even after coming home from a very late night. I also like looking at what I thought at that time. I went ahead and published the draft on my main page. 

I learnt that you could very much lose yourself in a relationship when you love someone. You got to find the balance. 

These questions helped me find my center and my purpose. 

Who am I? What do I want to do? What makes me feel alive? Do I love myself? Do I care for myself?

What am I doing to become the best version of myself? 

What am I doing for my own personal growth?

How do I ensure I'm learning every day and making progress? 


For me, it's writing. Every single day. That's what I have to do. 

It's not dependent on the weather or how I feel. I just want to keep writing. 

I'm a writer and writers write every single day. 


Brienne, 27 March 2022, 8.48 p.m.


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