How would you live your life?

It's been some time since I got excited about something. 

I applied for a job to work with someone I really admire.

This is the way I'd like to live my life. Daring to go after the job I want. To ask for what I want. Doing things that gets me excited. 

Life is made up of so few moments. So little years. If you wait until you're ready or you wait a moment. Suddenly, you realise you've missed out on so many opportunities. 

Do you live your life questioning your choices? What if you took a gamble and chased your dreams?

What is the worst that could happen? No. What is the best that could happen?

What if you tried and failed? There's another door to open, for sure. At least you gave it your best shot. 

That's how I live my life. To give it my best shot every time. 

How about you?


Brienne, 5 April, 10.14 p.m 


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