Nothing is happening

The path I'm walking is a terribly lonely path. 

I haven't met somebody like me.

I'm playing the long game. Looking to an infinite future.

I want to make writing my thing.

At the moment, writing is already my thing. 

But I want to be known for this thing, called writing. 

Bearing fruit is always beautiful

but so is planting that seed, watering it, nurturing it every single day. 

A day goes by, nothing. Two days go by, nothing.

Three days, four, five, six and seven. Still nothing.

Then suddenly one day, a seedling starts sprouting. 

Was there really nothing that was happening?

Underneath the surface, some time after the seed was planted, tiny roots started growing. 

Things that looked invisible to the surface, were happening. 

It can be frustrating to see nothing happening.  

But what if it just needed another day for the seedling to break out of the surface of the soil?

Keep going, plant your seed, nurture it. Be patient. x


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