Updates on the 60-day no IG experiment

Second time around doing the 60-day experiment and I'd like to provide some updates. 

(Click here to read about the first 30-day experiment.) 

6 days into the 60-day experiment, I've found that:

I'm watching more podcast episodes. 

I'm reading more pages of books I've loaned in Libby

and I find that I have almost no time to do anything else except writing.

So. How. Did. I. Used. To. Spend. So. Much. Time. On. Instagram?

I don't know. 

I have a theory: Instagram will take how much of your time you give it.

Especially if you don't have better alternatives. 

When I'm on this side of the world (not using it), 

I feel so absolutely freeing with loads to do and so much more to accomplish in the world.

I remember when I'm on that side, 

every single time I'm bored, Instagram. 

When I'm feeling awkward in the lift, 

or waiting in a meeting room, 

I'd probably tap on Instagram. 

But now, my favourite apps are Libby and Youtube to watch various podcast episodes to multifold my learning.

Still deciding if you'd like to join me on the experiment?

How about do 30-days instead and watch how you feel...

let me know (:


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