Be the movie

How you spend your time is how you live your life.

Cliche. I know

But how many people you know are constantly on Instagram or Facebook or Netflix, 

watching other people's lived lives or watching some fantasy/romance on the screen?

When you could create your own adventure.

Start by thinking how you want your life to be if it were a movie

Who's the hero/ heroine in it?

Who's the villain?

Is it possible that the villain turns out to actually be the good guy?

What did the main character have to go through to make it today?

What obstacles did she have to jump over, crawl through or get the help of someone?

Who's her mentor?

What different endings can you put in the story? 

you know the ones in books where you used to flip through as a kid, 

"Go to page 14 if you choose to see Anna fight the dragons in the dungeon..."

Or "Go to page 58 when you and your friends decide to explore the unlocked door hidden behind the huge painting hanging in the basement..."

The possibilities are endless. 

Just like the way your life can play out.

Live your life. 

Write your adventure. 

First, by stepping away from the screens. 

Go out and spend time in nature, 

take care of your physical health, 

read books. 

Your favourite character in the movies often work hard to build the physical body they want.

Do what the main character in your movie would do. 

Take good care of yourself. 

Keep learning, keep finding your adventure. 

Find other main characters by writing online. 

Take in all of life's beauty. 

Live like you're in the movies. 

Because you're the movie.  


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