Saving compliments

Back to reading Matthew Dicks's Someday is Today and he wrote how we often remember the bad stuff but forget the good things that people tell us, save for the ones that are truly memorable.

He recommends building a file of compliments to refer to when our days get ridden with bad things happening or on days we need a little sprinkle to push forward.

I'm trying to remembering the compliments I've received to start building my treasure trove of compliments. 

I can't think of any.

I remember one of my exes calling my unreasonable.

Another one called me crazy. But I consider this a compliment because I believe all geniuses are blessed with a tinge of craziness in their blood.

I remember my boyfriend telling me how he likes my writing and he can never write like me.

Those are what I can think of in 3 minutes.

Matthew also shared he forwards the compliments to himself in the future to resurface them and it always put a smile on his face when he receive one he has completely forgotten. 

Can you think of three compliments you've received and love to keep remembering over and over? 

Share them with me!


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