How I went through a shitty day and came out happier

If you've been following me for a while on twitter, or you've read a couple of my posts, you know that sleep has been an issue I faced since January. 

Truthfully, sleep has been an issue I've been facing all my life. 

Nightmares of death chasing me, skinned and abused animals, seeing my brother get shot in the head. 
Yes, I know, what is in my head?

Thankfully, those memories are in the past now. I sleep happy most days, but sleep still eludes me. 

Oh right, I'm supposed to talk about how I got through a shitty day.

So I had a shitty day because I slept late last night and failed to wake up at my set time: 7.30 a.m. 
I snoozed, went back to bed, woke up only at 10.30 a.m. 

I hate it when I wake up past my usual time. Makes me feel groggy, lazy and lousy. Half the day is gone and all I did was sleep. But when I pressed the snooze button, the only thought I had was: get me more sleep. 

I try to stick to the routine. But woke up doom-scrolling on twitter. 

Never mind, I try again. 

I go and wash up and come back to bed to meditate. 

I chose a new meditation track on Insight Timer to put me in a better headspace. It did its work.

Had lunch. 

Still feel groggy. Tried listening to a podcast. It didn't interest me. Felt sleepy instead. 

Stared out the window while resting my eyes. Watched silly Youtube Shorts. 

Tried reading a book but failed miserably. 

Tried showering to reset my mood but wanted to just lay in bed. 

Had a good dinner and I thought that was the best thing I could have in my day. 

Tweeted about it. 
Told myself to push through listening to a podcast so at least I had something productive coming out of the day.

Found Dr. Jordan Peterson as a guest on my favourite podcast at the moment: Diary of a CEO by Steven Bartlett.

Enjoyed myself thoroughly. 

Wrote a thread about what I've learnt. 

And now fulfilling my other obligation of 1 blog post every 2 days. 

As I'm writing this, I'm thinking. So what made you happy with your day?

I think it's commitment, the act of doing something even if it's difficult. 
To put a vote in the identity you believe in and want to possess.

I am a writer. And writers need to do the work to consume intentionally things that broaden their perspectives so they can write about it and share it with other people.

I am a person who makes progress. Even on bad days, I should try to take one step towards putting me where I want to be in the future.

I am glad I found a way to make it a better day. 

It isn't easy. It's about doing the difficult thing. Doing the thing you may not like but you know is good for you. 


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