About Me/ Life Update


That's a wee bit of how I feel right now. Sad that's it's over.

But a hell lot of excitement, hopefulness, curiosity of what's to come next.

Hi, we haven't had a formal introduction.

I'm Brienne. I'm from Singapore. 

I became unemployed today.

I've been working since I was a teenager. 

No grad trips, no month long holiday or a hiatus of any sort. 

I don't mean short week trips or a 10-day trip. 

In fact, my longest trip of any kind was exactly 10 days.

I'm not talking about taking a holiday. 

But I'd love to just be unemployed for a while and just chill.

Or like what Kevin Kelly said, you need to spend some time just goofing off, doing nothing

So, I'm going to just do that for a while. 


If you're from Twitter, say hi!

Glad to see you here. 

Send me a dm or comment below. 

Have a beautiful life! 


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