Day 1

Day 1.

I used to despise myself for having to do Day 1 again. The countless of times I've started over. 
I felt like I've lost all my progress. 

Now, I'm just glad I'm alive, I'm aware of how far I've ventured off the path I want to take and I've pulled myself back to do a Day 1 again. 

I'm glad I have all my failed experiences with me. I've learnt to embrace them and hold them close as I take my first step to achieving greatness. 

Greatness to me is being able to wake up at a time I set for myself to fulfil my own obligations to myself. 
To choose what I want to do with my day to bring me closer to a future I want to live. It doesn't mean I haven't already achieved greatness, there's just more work to do to get me closer to achieving fulfilment in this life. 

My ideal morning looks like this
0700 : Wake up and meditate
0745 : Prepare food and look at tasks I need to fulfil for the day and read
0815 : Work out / Study 
0930 : If I've worked out, prepare to start learning, if I've been studying, take a break
1000 - 1200 : Be in the zone studying or working
1200 : Lunch
1300 - 1400 : Listen to podcasts / do something I enjoy

I'm pretty excited to execute this ideal morning starting tomorrow.

How does your ideal morning look like?

Are you experiencing Day 1 in any aspect of your life? Share them with me by commenting below.

As always, have a beautiful life! 
Life's too short to not enjoy living. (:


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