Doing the hard things is not for everyone

So many things to do but I'm always choosing the easy tasks.

Are you the same?

Thank goodness I put copywriting in my Manifest the Day time block schedule. And I studied for a total of an hour and a half. 

Then the whole schedule was gone to waste. 

Doing the hard things is difficult.

It's no surprise not many get to do them right?

Like climbing 14 Peaks like Nirmal Purja.

Or going Free Solo on El Capitan like Alex Honnold.

These men inspire me so much.

What happened to the dreams of doing a marathon at 30?

I don't want to reveal my age.

So many of my dreams... are still dreams.

I've been postponing the stuff I want to do. 

Travel the world, or at least a month away alone.

Work out every single day for the next 365 days.

Skydive, climb the mountains of different continents.

Are they still dreams I want to accomplish?

What dreams have you been putting off? Are they still your dreams?

What dreams have you achieved? What dreams are you the proudest of?

Share them with me by typing in the comment box below. Let's chase our dreams together. (:


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