How do you set yourself up for success?

1. Start the night before

Give yourself a good bed time so you will get up at the time you want the next day. Getting up at the same time everyday helps a lot too (according to sleep expert Matt Walker). 

Watch from Start to 6:39 here for more information.

2. Habit stack your goals

Every time I get up, I'll drink half a litre of water. Then I'll go for a wee and get back into bed to do a meditation.

When I get up at 7.30 a.m., I am more likely to meditate too. It comes as part of a habit stack. If I don't (get up early), I often don't meditate because I have to rush for the next appointment. Actually looking at it this way is kinda cool. When I do one, I'll do both. If I don't, I'll do none. 

Starting is difficult. Every single day, I can sit down and study. But I don't. When you have a thousand and one things to do other than studying, sitting down to open Chrome to open up a tab is difficult. But I never regret listening to a few minutes of Alan Sharpe. I'll make it easier tomorrow by putting: "Open up the course site" on my schedule.

3. Put up more obstacles between you and your bad habits

I.e. Sign out of Instagram and do not save your password so you have to type your entire password before logging into the app.

I totally forgot that I was on a "no Instagram before 9.30 p.m." challenge. And then I clicked into it, watched a couple of stories before I went "Shit, I failed that one today too".

4. Time block the things you want to do

No reading because I was out the whole day for the Van Gogh Singapore Exhibition: The Immersive Experience. It was a surprise date that lasted the whole day. No regrets. But I'd love to incorporate reading into my daily life. 

We prioritise what's important. No time? Track your every hour for a week and find out where you're spending the most time. If you like what you see, keep doing it. If not, schedule time for things that matter and put time limits for time wasters. 

How will you set yourself up for success tomorrow?


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