What's the one thing you absolutely have to do in your day?

I stopped writing for a while now. 

5 days to be exact. There's a post in my drafts.

11 days since I published anything.

Life has gone on great. I rested my eyes, listened to podcasts, learnt, created, engaged a little on Twitter, bouldered (!!), hanged out with friends and family. 

Life's been pretty great.

But I miss writing.

It's that little tiny nagging voice that says "Hello, you haven't written today" whenever I don't open up blogger to pen my thoughts after my shower. 

Or it's that whisper of "You don't like writing anymore?" from the best friend in my head.


Because you have to. Because you want to. 

Because you love to do it.

Why do anything if not for the sake of loving it? 

I'm not saying it has to be writing. 

What's your thing?  

What's the thing you absolutely have to do in your day and then you lie in bed staring at the ceiling before bed and go.. "Ah, I love today." because you did it. 


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