silly story & thoughts about work

*after her shower
how nice to have clean, nice clothes to wear

(she slips but didn't full fall as her left foot caught the ridges in the bathroom floor)

phew, I almost died...

did you know there's so many ways to die? 
Oh, and now I have something to blog again hahaha

That'll probably be a dumb way to die.
Glad I'm alive to tell another one of my silly, clumsy stories.

Am I always clumsy? Or did my Mom or people kept saying it when I was younger causing it to be a self-fulfilling prophecy?
Is that what people who grow up to be beautiful and confident have in their younger days? People who kept calling them good looking?

oh you handsome boy, you pretty girl.. you'll grow up to be loved by many..

Is that what people used to say? I don't know because I got the other end of the stick.

The last couple of days with covid have got me not knowing what my plans are for tomorrow.
I can't go to work because I'm working with children and we're now in crucial exam period.

Most parents still prefer physical to zoom lessons. 
I get that too.

I miss working.
I miss interaction with the kids and learning something new from them.

They teach me so much.

So it was nice when one of my students' Mom text me to plan our schedule for the next few lessons. 
It's nice to feel important for a bit. Especially when I like what I'm doing.

I write all that to encourage you to find what you love doing and keep doing it.

Giving back is meaningful. Helping others in meaningful. 
Doing work that is important to you is meaningful.

What work do you do and do you find it meaningful?


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