The second day is the hardest

...that's what I found after doing countless projects.

I didn't get up in time to do my meditation

Haven't got to post something on X and its already 11.12pm.

At least I'm doing my writing right now

I'm determined to complete the three small goals and make it a win today

it's weird, covid day I don't know what

Woke up late, had a zoom class, still got to make my hard boiled eggs right on time and it's 10.59am

no meditation it is

finished my class, did a bit of doom scrolling, had lunch and felt this hit of tiredness

ok, 2pm, time to take a little nap

I woke up at 6 ish

What is wrong with my body?

Oh, I'm catching myself right as I type it

What is wrong? There's illness/sickness in this body and it wants to rest to feel better asap

it's doing its best to recover and be in the best shape so you can have better days

what's wrong? What's right you mean? 

The anger at myself caught me by surprise

We don't give credit to what our body does

The miracles it performs every single day

Inhale, exhale even when we're sleeping

Get rid of the toxins from the junk we eat

Survive on the little sleep we give it when we're busy

The greatest form of self love is discipline.

That, I agree but discipline in the form of health - putting the right food in the body, the right things in the mind, drinking 8 glasses of water a day, discipline to bring yourself to the gym, or even before that schedule gym time because you give your body the best because of what it's done for you

oh bree, you miss the gym don't you? 

When the red line is no longer visible, I'm taking myself out for a nature walk every morning for 5 days. 

I miss my walks.


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