What does it take to make a habit?

I've been thinking about how I got into the habit of writing daily.

Days when I had nothing to write but I'll sit in front of the laptop and let the words flow from my fingers to the page

and then I just stopped writing

I saw the number of readers gone up and that scared me.

It was supposed to be a private space for me

to share my thoughts

It was also a space to help educate if I could. 

Share what I know and if just 1 person benefitted from what I've shared, 

I've won, I thought.

The fear of letting my words be read stopped me from writing

how ironic isn't it?

but this isn't about that

How did I build my writing habit again?

I used to love writing so much, I wrote even on holiday! 

It was my sacred time, time alone, time spent with my thoughts, time I felt invincible

Why did I forgo this writing habit which I so love? 

and how do I get it back?

I'm hoping reading my own writing will help me get back to it.


If you're struggling with making it a habit, here's me. I still struggle on days.

I've struggled for a while now but today I decide I'll start writing again.

Let's try writing together again? 

and you've read till here, let me know I'm not alone. :)

sending you love and light and a peace of mind for the new week ahead! :)


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