What's stopping you?

Read somewhere about longhand writing having numerous benefits.

I shall try it out and see for myself

This is my first post writing longhand.

A feeling.

Today, an ex-student who walked past me exclaimed "Cher, I pass my Maths!" 
I proudly replied "Keep up the good work!"

I did a little dance inside. Happy he remembers I taught him last year. Proud of his never-die attitude.

Do I want to let go of this 'life'? This part of me. The identity of a Math Teacher.

Does this identity ever leave me?

Are butterflies still the caterpillar that they were?

It's scary thinking about it. 


It's exciting. 

I'm excited to continue pursuing my dreams. I am no longer growing here. 

My wings are slowly taking form. 

Do caterpillars know they will have a new life? 
Do they know that the days spent munching on leaves, crawling on many feet will one day be over?

Is their transformation painful? Are they afraid of becoming something bigger than themselves? 
Are you stopping your transformation because you're afraid of the struggle?

Brienne, 30 March 2022, 9.32 p.m


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