Someday is Today

I promise you there is not a person in the world who is lying on their deathbed, wishing they had watched a little more TV or played a few more video games or waited just a little while longer to make their dreams come true. 
(from the book Someday is Today by Matthew Dicks)


those words shot me.
so many tales I've told the world but I haven't fulfilled one. 
So many dreams left for dead. I shot them down because I'm afraid. 
What are you so afraid of? What are you going to tell your future kids someday? 
That you stayed at a job you stopped growing at for fear you'll run out of money living your dreams?
Is running out of money worse than killing your dreams? 
Would you rather die poor or die not trying to live your dreams once?

I'm a coward. I hate being a coward. I hate being rooted to the ground, not moving. I hate complacency, stagnancy, I hate the place I'm in right now. 

Thinking about growing, stepping out of my comfort zone, chasing after my dreams scare me so much. But I'm more afraid as the days go by. I'm afraid I'm never leaving. I'm afraid of dying with regrets. 

Time to get moving, Someday is Today. 


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