How to Become a Confident Person in May 2023

3 things you can start doing right now.

1. Drink more water. 

If you're like the average person on earth, you probably don't drink enough water. Add coffee, redbull or other soft drinks to the mix and your water intake is probably less than 2 litres. 

Aim for 2 litres of water daily this month then 3 litres in the following month. Start drinking more water today.

2. Start a workout routine.

When you work out, you feel more energised. When you sweat, you release endorphins too. These are the feel-good vibes you get after a run or a workout sesh at the gym. 

I've never heard of anyone regretting a workout. 

When you see what your body is capable of, you'll slowly gain confidence in your ability and in yourself. 

Start with going for 5k walks. Or go for jogs thrice a week. Your body will thank you.

3. Find a way to better yourself: Start by reading

Books have been around since 500 BC. They were hand-written scrolls then, but you get my drift. They were written by someone with countless hours of research coupled with thorough editing and a long drawn publishing process before being placed in your hands or in your reading app on your phone. 

Often, people write about the lessons they've learnt so you don't have to repeat them. 

There's so much to learn from books. 

Pick a book and start reading today.

But don't just read them. Highlight them, make notes, summarise them and then tell someone. 

The greatest joy is in sharing your knowledge with someone and learning from one another. 

For a start, give Someday is Today by Matthew Dicks a read. 

The lessons I've received are priceless. I wrote my thoughts on some of them.

My favourites are Saving Compliments, What will your hundred-year-old self want you to do? and Someday is Today

Give them a read and tell me what you think.

See you in May 2023!


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