What will your hundred-year-old self want you to do?

I've learnt so much from reading Someday is Today I don't even know where to begin.

For a start, maybe to share the impact the book have had on me.

I read the whole of today, only to stop for meals and to watch two and a half episodes of a Korean drama my boyfriend and I are currently into.

I know what you're thinking, watch 2 and a half episodes? Isn't that a waste of time? 

I don't think it is because we spent quality time together. Besides, the majority of my time was spent reading. I went from completing 19% of the book this morning to completing 36% after dinner. 

We really do have a lot of time. If we use it wisely. 

But most of us squander it away like death is something that will never happen. 

Now the question "What will your hundred-year-old self want you to do?" occupies my mind every time I want to make a decision. 

The story of the most expensive popsicle in Chapter 4 is what I want to keep going back to to remind me to focus on what really matters. 

"Life is not lost by dying; life is lost minute by minute, day by dragging day, in all the thousand, small uncaring ways." - Stephen Vincent Benét 

The teacher who replaced giraffes in the workbook will come to mind whenever I read the quote. How any one of us could easily be her losing our lives minute by minute doing the things that don't really matter. 

There are many more points I'd love to share from the book but I don't want to subtract your time reading it yourself. 

Do yourself a favour and check it out. Tell me which are your favourite stories.  


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