What is your why?

When I was younger, I used to snooze so many times because I love sleeping. 

Even when I had work, I'd wake up at the last minute and rush through my morning preparation. 

Then one day, my brother had to use the bathroom after me to prepare for work.

I never snoozed since. 

I often wondered why. 

Then I realised. 

I didn't like my job. Getting up to work was not a strong why.

But I love my brother enough to make sure he doesn't get to work late. 

My why was love. My why was family.

Today, I faced the same issue of getting up and not snoozing. 

You see, I slept late last night. 

Was having such a good time typing out a thread and writing a blog post. 

Most times, I would've slept in. 

Who wouldn't?

But not today.

I started my first client and I had to be a good role model. 

I told him the importance of getting up at the same time everyday. 

And what kind of coach would that make me if I didn't follow what I said?

I amazed even myself today when I got up on time. 

What's your why?

Why are you doing the things you're doing?

Is it to support your family? Is it to be able to spend time checking all your kids' milestones?

Is it to travel the world?

Is it to be a role model to someone close to you?

Find your why


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