#7 Eye contact

Key points from This Rare Commodity is What Producer Brian Grazer Calls 'The WiFi of Human Connection' written by Amy Blaschka

From Face to Face: The Art of Human Connection by Brian Grazer: "A major reason we are so bad at forming connections is because we are losing the ability, the opportunity and the desire to look others in the eye." 

And the reason for that is the multitude of screens that dominate our lives robbing us of human connection and "making eye contact which opens up endless possibilities."

Ron Howard added, "If you don't look people in the eye, they don't feel respected." 


From the same article: 

Why we should practise making eye contact:

1. It helps us become a more active listener. 

2. It encourages curiosity and deeper understanding. 

3. It signals that you're interested and present for others. 

"When we look someone in the eyes, really look at them, we are telling them, "I see you". We are recognizing their humanity." This is absolutely true as I have experienced talking to someone who was listening attentively while making eye contact with me. I felt respected and heard.

4. It reminds you to be more mindful and aware of your situation. 

Are they losing interest? Are they uncomfortable? Do we need to wrap things up? 

5. It differentiates you in the best way. 


Would you start practising making eye contact? 

See you tomorrow!


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